This is my third web app project, aimed at giving me experience using vanilla Javascript. At minimum, this project follows Project: TODO List from The Odin Project.

My first web app project (the Monster Hunter Rise builder app) is great front-end web dev experience, but React hides the browser's raw functionality from me, which I'm curious about. My second web app project (the Odin Project calculator) was intended to bridge this curiosity, but it turned out to be a exercise in state management rather than DOM manipulation like I wanted.

My preferred way of writing web UIs will likely continue to be with front-end frameworks such as React, though I expect vanilla Javascript may be preferable at times when a front-end framework is an unnecessarily heavy dependency.

The Odin Project asked for title, description, due date, and priority to be implemented. This current implementation of this app has everything except the priority feature. I might implement that later, as well as a way to automatically sort by priority.

Additional features that I'm considering for later: